Jasper the Bear: The Travelling Bear

About Jasper the Bear

JasperTheBear.co.uk is a Teddy Bear community website for people who appreciate what a Teddy Bear has to offer a modern life. Where collectors, makers or just the plain addicted can drop by and chat.

Using the many features on the site users can share their photos and stories of the bears and dolls in their lives. 

We use a network of websites and twitter profiles like the one on the right  to share the photos of bears posted on JasperTheBear.c.uk  Conecting Bear and Doll makers with more people interested in arts and crafts online!

Facebook seemed to be a bit limted regards people sharing their photos to FB pages, so I have put this site together, plus not everyone is on Facebook these days, so hopefuly we can connect with more people in different ways. 

Follow Jasper the Bear, a cheeky little bear from the UK with a Big Heart as he makes his way around the world visiting and making friends, old and new.

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